Why We Care

As demonstrated by the vast differences in what qualifies as a beautiful space to each individual, we all yearn to be in spaces that we feel comfortable occupying.  As you may have guessed, there is a term for the correlation between your surroundings and your mood.  As someone who strives to eek every last bit of energy out of their environment while guzzling a jumbo caffeinated beverage, I can appreciate the potential effects my environment has on my day to day energy level.

The following is an excerpt from a fascinating article in dvisible magazine http://dvisible.com/?p=291 discussing “neuroarchitecture”, which I’ll paraphrase as the study the effect of our surroundings on our mind:

“…there are genuine neurological connections between behavior and the physical space it takes place in… A space affects your eyes and it affects your sound, your hearing, and just through those two sensory modalities alone, those signals go into the brain and we can image the brain, non invasively, and see the effect of visual and auditory stimuli in the brain in living adults and we know it’s profound.”

The article is full of interesting tidbits such as:

“An experiment conducted at the University of Minnesota asserts that ceiling height can affect how one thinks. In a series of experiments, people were asked to do perform [sic] certain tasks, some of which favored abstract thinking and others favoring detail-oriented thinking. It was found that, in general, people focused more on specifics when the ceiling was eight feet high and more on the abstract when the ceiling was ten feet high.”

This is a super complex subject and we plan to take full advantage every opportunity to explore ways in which we can better employ our surroundings to add to the quality and enjoyment of our lives.

For more information on the science of neuroarchitecture the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) www.anfarch.org has lots of great information.


One response to “Why We Care

  1. This is great. Keep it coming. Cant wait to read more from you guys.

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