Less Clutter = More Fun

Part of enjoying your space is staying organized and being organized means you can spend more time doing what you like and less time searching for things.  A place for everything in everything in its place. Just writing those words makes me sigh in comfort.  If you’re anything like I am in regard to clutter – and I suspect there are more than a few of us – it’s tough to relax when I am surrounded by disarray.  This is not to say that I actually maintain a perfectly organized space, but it sure makes me feel better when I don’t have a pile of papers on the dining room table, receipts gathering in a shoebox, and summer clothes filling my closet my fall closet.  When I do take the time to catch up on the little things that really pile up, I feel more in control and able to move forward.  And my place just looks prettier.

As a first line of defense, here are a few cool ideas for handling some pesky items as you walk through your front door and keep them from creeping into your otherwise organized space.  The first is a fun option for handling your keys AND your mail.  If you don’t want to hang it on the wall in a visible space (although it is a sleek looking guy), simply hang it just inside your entry closet or other hidden area near the front door.

Key Holder and Mail Tray

Key Holder and Mail Tray

If you lean towards being a clutter freak like me, I like a nice, concealed little place where I can neatly place my keys.   The following jewelry box from West Elm does the job terrifically:

Pretty Storage Option

Pretty Storage Option

Depending on your personal style, there are plenty of options out there that are better than flinging your items on the nearest horizontal space or, worse yet, leaving them in your coat pocket so you have to dig for them the next day.  Yikes!


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