Outside In

This is our first posting in our new category focused on “The Healthy Indoors”.  As much we may love and benefit from spending time out in nature, the vast majority of our days are spent indoors (which is why we care so much about making our spaces beautiful, of course!).  In my opinion, the first step to making your indoors as healthy as possible is bringing a bit of the natural foliage from outside… in.

Although cut flowers are always lovely, I’m referring to potted plants.  Not only are they a stunning addition to your decor, they will infuse your recycled air with life-giving oxygen and are positive signs of life and growth that you will enjoy seeing every day.  As an additional benefit, you learn a certain degree of nurturing – which is required if you intend to keep your fresh foliage alive.

When choosing what types of plants to buy, certain factors such as available light and desired ease of care should be considered.  Here is a helpful link with basic information on choosing the best plants for your space.

So take some giant strides towards creating a tranquil home and make your next addition to your decor a beautiful potted plant.


One response to “Outside In

  1. I would like to thank you for posting the link to “best plants” on your blog. I am constantly stuggling with the success, actually the lack of success, of my indoor plants. Not only was the information helpful but I was extemely comforted by the fact that I am not the only person that is green thumb challenged:) Please keep these tips coming…Thanks again!

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