Overwhelming the Senses

Yesterday evening I spent a considerable amount of time carefully placing each of my much loved holiday items throughout my home.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, there are always those of the mindset that only by covering every surface with themed knickknacks are you properly celebrating your respective holiday.  While I will never argue with anyone over their personal preferences for heralding a special occasion, staying conscious of a few things will ensure that you have a beautifully decorated home without feeling like your home is being taken over by a slew of elves.

  • Decorate in proportion with your space.  Ring in the holiday spirit with accent pieces that will embellish your current decor.  With a few fun, over-the-top pieces thrown in to show your spirit, of course.
  • Choose one or several vignettes throughout your room and tie your look together with a (fairly) consistent theme.  Although it is always fabulous to mix styles and textures, too much contrast – particularly if you are using bright colors and various metallics – may be unsettling.
  • Store your year-round decorations that compete with your holiday-ware to avoid an uncomfortably overcrowded room.
  • Keep other clutter to a minimum.  Minimally decorated, open surfaces will naturally allow your eye to be drawn to your more festive places so you can enjoy the brilliant room you’ve just pulled together without distraction!

So have a blast, jump into holiday decorating full-force and still maintain your haven of a home!


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