Cute Rogue Dog + Old Sofa = Brand New Sofa

We’ve had our wonderful dog, Augie, for a year and a half, and a few weeks ago he decided to dig a large crater into our sofa while we were at dinner.  Since he has never so much as eyed up the upholstery before, I regained some composure and realized I could flip the cushion over for an immediate and temporary fix.  I guess he must have really enjoyed the activity because the next day he found an opportunity to dig up the opposite side of the cushion.  Egads!  We permanently banished him from his favorite perch on the sofa and, to our credit, did not implode.  After all,  I had been secretly wanting a new sofa so perhaps he had been used his canine intuition and was simply helping things along.  Still, the holidays were upon us and visitors would be coming in and out for the next few weeks leaving little time to shop for and replace our furniture.  I quickly took to my favorite pastime – shopping online and found a beautiful, soft brown slipcover.  I simply refilled the sofa’s gaping holes with stuffing and tightly wrapped the cushions in a sheet.  The sofa cover came with a separate piece for the cushions so after tucking them into their cozy new abode, the cushions looked, and I think, felt, like new.  A big band-aid, yes, but it was easy and worked well.

So now that the holiday is over, I can focus on shopping for a new sofa.  I’ve found a few that I love and wanted to share.

If you have the space, you’ll love the Anaaba Sofa from Ligne Roset.

Annaba Sofa

Two great sofas that will never go out of style are the Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel and the Anson Sofa from Room and Board.

Petrie Sofa

Anson Sofa

And I can’t help but mention a favorite contemporary sofa with timeless style (which I carry on my retail furnishings site, the gorgeous Madrid Sofa:

Madrid SofaWith so many great options available, I can guarantee it’s going to be fun to choose which sofa Augie will be enjoying from afar.


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