Real Inspiration for Bloggers

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to attend an event titled If You Build It, Will They Come?  It featured Frank Warren of and Rohit Bhargava of  Frank is among the top 20 bloggers in the world and Rohit is one of the top 50 marketing bloggers in the world and among the top 5,ooo of the 133 million blogs in existence.  They both shared insight into the inspiration behind and creation of their respective blogs. 

If you haven’t visited, you are missing out on a moving experience.  Frank says that two types of secrets exist:  those that you keep from others and those that you keep from yourself.  His site is a wonderful space featuring intimate secrets that people send to him anonymously.  Beyond the thought provoking messages, the postcards are often pieces of art in themselves.   Frank’s most recent book is A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book.  Check out the ideo for his current tour at

Rohit is a marketing whiz.  In describing his path to blog success, he gave many great tips including the fact that he wrote for the right one or two people as opposed to writing for the masses.  He also said that he always made sure his blog posts were useful and along with that, made sure his posts on Twitter were both practical and lighthearted.  Get other great tips by reading his Inspirational Marketing Blog.  I would also highly recommend reading Rohit’s book, Personality Not Included if you are involved in marketing or branding of your own business or anyone else’s.

Many thanks to Frank, Rohit, Shashi Bellamkonda and the teams from Network Solutions and Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus for a fantastic and inspirational evening!


2 responses to “Real Inspiration for Bloggers

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for attending the event yesterday. It ws wonderful the way both Rohit and Frank who blog about different topics came together and gave some useful tips to the community. I will look forward to more ideas from the comunity on events that the community would like to and where Network Solutions can work together with the community.



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