A Lobby is the First Line of Offense

We’ve lived in the same condo building for almost 8 years – so when the lobby decor was addressed for the 8th time since we’ve moved in at our recent condo board meeting, I decided to get involved to try to move the redecorating efforts forward.

With our fairly bare lobby, it’s a pretty straightforward project with somewhat low expectations.  It’s not perfectly clear if people are more interested in sound/echo reduction or simply giving the space some style and umph.  Last year’s volunteer drug in some really bad faux plants and some equally hideous seat cushions for the awfully uncomfortable blue benches… the room currently has a strange “Golden Girl-like quality about it.

View of Left Side of Lobby Upon Entering

View of Left Side of Lobby Upon Entering

View of Rear Left Side of Lobby Upon Entering

View of Rear Left Side of Lobby Upon Entering

Rear of Lobby

Rear of Lobby

View of Right Side of Lobby Upon Entering

View of Right Side of Lobby Upon Entering

Must do’s:

  1. Place something inside the four framed sections on the walls.  Ideally, this would be something with some noise absorption qualities to dim the current echo in the room.
  2. Choose an area rug to absorb the echo as well as protect the floor.  Note:  The floor has some historical value and cannot be altered.
  3. Even though it hasn’t been specifically requested, the benches need to be replaced and several sitting areas designated.  Right now I’m thinking of something similar to the Mies Style Lounge Benchal-bar-benxThe Remmington Bench from Crate and Barrel: remmingtonbenchputty3qf86Or the Karlee Bench from NuevokarleebenchThe modern profile of the Karlee will provide a nice contrast to the classical styling of the rest of the space and the durable bycast leather seat will withstand wear and tear from luggage and damp umbrellas
  4. Although I think the leather upholstery will go a long way towards adding some softness to the room, added height behind the benches in some form will bring some much needed dimension to the space.

I’ve dismissed the importance of a beautiful lobby for nearly 8 years so it’s exciting to stop and think about how we can make it inviting and inspirational for each resident and visitor that enters it.


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