How to Tie it All In

Tonight I sat down with a blank sheet of paper, wrote down and drew an important looking square around my online furnishing store,  Off to the right I drew a amenable circle around the title of this blog, Pretty Green Home.  After entering a few important bullet points under each heading, I found myself drawing several heavy lines back between the square and the circle, trying to make a logical connection.  The truth is, I love the furniture on my site.  It is so darn pretty and I truly believe in my site’s products – beautiful design, high quality, good prices.  Also, I’m bringing pieces of original art from a contemporary artist I really enjoy to the site in the near future and adding furniture made with eco or social aspects in mind.

Then I come here to Pretty Green Home, where I have a chance to talk about green design and living in an eco-friendly way which is so very important to me.  However, as I said, I wanted a connection between my site and my blog…  Oftentimes I am left immobile for want of a clear direction.  So, I am going to define what I consider Pretty and Green enough for my blog as well as how I see and Pretty Green Home tying together.

Pretty Subjective:  Just as “pretty” is subjective, various styles, textures and looks appeal to me. While I categorize my style broadly as “contemporary” and perhaps even minimalist, I also love the warmth of rustic and the breeziness of beachy.  So, I will try to honor each of these style genres by acknowledging and appreciating their unique beauty.

Pretty Green:  Generally speaking, eco/socio-friendly products and ideas include items that are recycled, partially recycled and refurbished, made from sustainable materials, made in a socially and culturally responsible way, what else?!  But I think it goes beyond that.  Every day when I dispose of a wrapper – even if was virtually unavoidable in the modern marketplace and the wrapper was made from recycled materials, I realize that as just one lone person, I am contributing ALOT of trash to the landscape.  I grasp onto many of my other “belongings”.  Not for egoist reasons, but because I realize that it takes energy and materials and space to make and store and dispose of every item.  Therefore, I think it is a pretty green thing to buy items you love, that are high in quality and therefore will endure extended use.  Yes – I’ve bought many things that are quite pretty… until I wear/use/display them and they just disintegrate/don’t work/look cheap and I end up regretting that I’ve fed the mass market manufacturer and wasted money adding to a virtual junk-pile.

So, I say in addition to focusing on “green” purchases, buy quality at the same time.  Of course these may cost a bit more to purchase, but in the long run they will save you and the planet much more.

So this is how my blog and site come together (for now).  We’ll be pretty green and strive to be prettier and greener in the hopes that we can bring greenish design and good quality and innovative style to you at a reasonable price


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