A New Home

Yesterday Augie and I were enjoying the amazing weather here in DC.  (Sunny and 60’s!)  As we were leaving Dumbarton Oaks we spotted a lonely orchid and teeny potted pine tucked next to a trash can.  My heart broke that they were abandoned but was simultaneously lifted knowing that someone wanted these little guys to be adopted as they weren’t in the trash can.  We carried these guys almost 2 miles:


The pretty orchid held its blossoms… and after a quick google on re-potting orchids (www.beautifulorchids.com had great info) we went to work.  The orchid’s roots were craving space and we found the perfect new pot (from a bonsai tree I had given my husband, Raj, when we were dating… it didn’t last very long:).


The pine tree found a happy new home in a little terra cotta pot. So cute!  I asked Augie to sniff it which he interpreted as taste it.  I can see how that can be confusing.

img_6325Gotta say we’re feeling pretty good that we saved the little guys from the unknown and we got some beautiful new plants in the process!


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