Gradual Improvements – Washington Post Home Section

If I’m being honest, my standard is a quick, cursury glance through the Post’s Home section.  Outside of the occasional interesting read, the majority of the stories are, to me, less than compelling and the “house calls” column, featuring room makeover suggestions, is unsettling.  So it was a pleasant surprise when I found a few interesting items in today’s issue.  First, there was the article on how young couples are eschewing fancy china for more eclectic options.  (Only 45 – 50% of todays couples are choosing fine china!)  Next was an article on Founding Farmers, an newish eco-friendly restaurant here in DC.  They completely won me over with their mention of “ladle” and “oatmeal” in the first paragraph.  I had to ask myself, have two more comforting words ever been uttered?  Finally, their Blogwatch column featured several interesting blogs in the home decor sector.  (Don’t ask me to spend more than a nano-second glancing at “house calls” with more than a slight feeling of the heebie jeebies yet.)

A quick google search indicated that the Blogwatch column has been running at least since May of last year, so I won’t venture to wonder how long the Post has been stepping up their game by posting (somewhat) interesting pieces.  I’m just glad I’ve become aware of it.  As I generally enjoy reading the Post, I’m just glad we’ve (I’ve) reached this point of relative contentment with my local paper’s design section.  I do hate to acknowledge the accuracy of the DC stereotype as an uber-conservative (very boring) city when it comes to anything in terms of style.  So I say, go Washington Post, I’m routing for you all the way.


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