Simply Interesting

As I stepped into the Design Center in Washington, DC, today, I was stunned by the entryway design.  There was absolutely no cohesive look to the furniture or layout.  In fact, my girlfriend who met me a few minutes later mentioned how terrible the design was and I responded that I had initially thought that today was moving day at the design center.

In any case, this reinforced how beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.   Not just ‘you like traditional and I like traditional’, but even deeper than that.   There are certain layouts/colors/styles that tickle each of us.  Don’t let mass marketing or even your favorite designer convince you about what you like.  Listen to your inner spirit when choosing what you like and don’t settle for the advice of your nearest professional.   Trust me yourself, you were meant to enjoy your space so make sure it matches who you are!  (Definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE your designer, but also don’t dismiss your input on the output for a second!)


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