Apple’s Appeal

I found this article about Google’s approach to design an interesting perspective on the difference between Google and Apple’s approach to product design.  It was rather timely, as my husband and I were just discussing last night how fascinating Apple’s gradual growth is.  I wanted a new laptop – we’d previously owned only HPs and Dells – but now I’m typing this post on my first MacBook.  Why the dramatic switch?  Passionate recommendations from friends convinced us to look into them.  Seriously, I don’t know about y’all, but I was to the point where I was thinking “enough already!  I get it – you love your damn Mac but who cares – my old PC works perfectly fine, thank you!”  But now I’m on board – it isn’t only my new laptop itself that I love – although I do prefer it for it’s workability.  It is the whole experience – from visiting the minimalist storefront (calmingly open), looking at its specific selection of models (relatively small selection of options are easy to review), helpful staff (geniuses?) that love the product and take the time to help you explore your decisions.  I think alot of it comes down to not being bombarded by marketing messages designed to confuse consumers and convince them to buy something they don’t need.  It’s such a refereshing thing and I, for one, appreciate it.


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