Feeling the Inspiration

Last weekend I attended the South by Southwest interactive conference in Austin.  It was an amazing opportunity to see folks who throw themselves passionately into creating.  Just thinking about it gets me super motivated!  Anyway, I came home with some new ideas and some fun memories.  I wanted to share a few images here.

An example of how incredibly open the attendees are to flexing the creative muscles, Logos were spread across a nook in the convention center where a happy group of children and adults… created!



The Lego inventions were on display on the windowsill.


An event at SXSW called “Bar Camp” is held as sort of an idea incubator.  Check out the schedule with post its of break out groups:


Bar Camp Board

I don’t know if this is the final schedule, but this will give you an idea of the crazy variety of discussions going on!

The fun group of guys we got to enjoy Saturday night with:


Raj and I at one last SXSW party later that night…

Raj and Rebecca Malik

Raj and Rebecca Malik

And touring the capitol building, the art museum and Sixth Street the following day.

img_6536Such a great time with my big takeaway being to stretch your idea of what you are capable of – get out there and do what you love!


2 responses to “Feeling the Inspiration

  1. wow, I just saw a blog post on Lego DIY made into a headband. FUN! Happy Spring*

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