Source – Green Flooring

Emily Pilloton shared a comprehensive source for green flooring at the Interior Design blog:  “If you’re not a fan of piece-meal material sourcing and are looking for that one-stop shop for unique, green, great quality, materials, look no further than To Market: a sales and marketing organization that sells everything from rubber, cork, and bamboo flooring to carpet, vinyl, and wallcoating systems.”

Check out the following images of their bamboo flooring as well as their Ozoloc patented interlocking flooring system.


Visit To Market’s website to find your local vendor.


2 responses to “Source – Green Flooring

  1. My husband and I love bamboo flooring. Once we even talked about pulling up the decent floor we already have to use it… doesn’t that sound like the worst green idea ever, huh? We crossed it off pretty darn fast.

  2. Ha! Well it is tempting! Bamboo is so darn pretty and durable… plus it is “green” in many ways! We’ve been struggling with redoing our kitchen for years for the same reason – it’s perfectly functional but wouldn’t it be nice to have new appliances and countertops? It’s extremely difficult to justify adding a functioning item of any kind to a landfill.

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