Electronics Recycling – A Must Do!

In case I’m not the only one a little (or a lot) behind the times when it comes to how to dispose of old hardware and electronics, I wanted to share that you should most definitely NOT dispose of them in the trash.  Many of these items can be recycled and, at the very least, they should be disposed of properly.

I did not realize how many facilities were available for handling your cast off, probably obsolete given the fast-changing world of technology.  A simple Google search will reveal a plentiful array of companies or organizations that handle this.  You can simply go to the National Center for Electronics Recycling website, where you can find locations – a quick search using my Zip code (20009) returned 19 options within 13 miles!  Pretty cool.

Here is a helpful article in TreeHugger which details how you can recycle your computer.

Really, with all of the resources available, there is no excuse to NOT recycle.  Any hesitation – just think of all of the space you’ll save in the landfill!



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