Contemplating Color

I came across this article on the importance of color and how to choose it at just the right time – when reading it struck a chord with me.   Perhaps it is because I am a self-proclaimed committment-phobe, but I find choosing a paint color extremely intimidating.  So much so that I will often live with lackluster walls to avoid deciding to semi-permanently change the shade to something potentially more exciting.

Right now, we are contemplating whether to update our two bedroom condo to be more comfortable for the short term – our efforts to find a bigger place that fits our needs in preparation for a new addition this January has not fully panned out yet and so it appears we may be staying put.  However, it’s not the major kitchen updates or decision on built-ins that has me quaking, it is the silly paint colors.

So reading this posts suggestions to think about the places I’ve been that stick in my mind and determine what colors I would like to see as I move through the day have turned something that I’ve made so difficult into something logical and straightforward.

Thanks to The Calm Space for the infusion of sanity saving logic!


2 responses to “Contemplating Color

  1. So glad you enjoyed the article and that a little logic saved the day…:-) I have had my fair share of decision dodging, that I had to come up with a foolproof system.

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