Have Fun and Make a Visual Impact with Stenciling!

As I am planning our home updates, I’ve been searching for ways to define the sometime ambiguous spaces in our 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo.  Something I’ve fallen in love with is stenciling.  Given the lack of natural light in our space, I intend to stick to light, bright colors but would like to add a little flair and fun at the same time.  Check out these examples of beautiful stenciling.

I’m going to use this in either the dining or entry way:

Entryway Stenciling from Apartment Therapy

Entryway Stenciling from Apartment Therapy

Searching for sources for ready made stencils on-line was a bit surprising in that most options were traditional/classic in appearance and it was extremely tough to find options that would work as accents for my contemporary decor. Granted, some of the more simplistic, classic designs would look beautiful, but even these were hard to come by.

Modello Designs has a good selection of stencil products and can also make custom pieces.   Wall to Wall Stencils has a good selection of more transitional stencils that would work well in many spaces.  However, one of my favorites in terms of selection was at Jan Dressler Stencils.  She has a fantastic selection of all over patterns, designed to simulate an all-over wallpaper pattern.

Another fantastic source is the always fun Etsy.  This stencil would look great in a staggered, all over pattern:

Wall Stencil from Etsy.com

Wall Stencil from Etsy.com

And this stencil would be very pretty used in a variety of applications:

Circular Stencil from Etsy.com

Circular Stencil from Etsy.com

For the ambitious, here is a short, useful video describing how to make your own stencils.  Of course, there are always the fun, wall stickers from Ferm Living as well as their gorgeous and modern easy to hang wallpaper as fantastic options.

As we are still in the early planning stages of our renovations – some of which will entail losing walls – I will keep you updated as I come up with more of a game plan for our wall colors and accent stenciling.

In the meantime – please share your thoughts and sources on stenciling!


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