Shopping Sunday

Yesterday my husband and I took our first foray into the land of new appliances.  Yes, we are grown adults but after living in our condo for 9 1/2 years without updating much more than paint colors, we were in for a major educational experience.

In our previous chats about our kitchen renovation and condo update, we had estimated that kitchen appliances would be somewhere around $1,000 each – quite a bit off – especially when you desire “fancy” things like having a water/ice dipenser in the refrigerator door.  I won’t even address how far off we were in our countertop replacement estimates.

In any case, we visited The Great Indoors to gather information, and while we left feeling a bit wiser, we were also wondering if there were better sources for household appliances.   If you know of any, please do share!  I’ll be back with updates as I have them!


2 responses to “Shopping Sunday

  1. littlepurpledaisy

    Hi, I also thought I would spend $1000 each on Kitchen appliances. However when I went in search of information I found out that it is much better to buy quality. Apparently an oven can be between 5 and 30 degrees out and still be legal. Thats why I went with Miele appliances. They are expensive but you are paying for the German engineering. Everything about them is perfectly designed and they are tested to last 20 years instead of 5. I think they work out better value for money in the end.
    Jo (from Perth Australia)

    • Hi Jo,

      Thanks for the feedback on buying appliances. I’ve been comparing brands and I think you are definitely right. Plus there is always the peace of mind that comes with buying quality items. My one concern is getting repairs on some of the brands that are not serviced by your standard sources. I’ll let you know what we ultimately end up getting!

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