Renovation Diaries: Getting the ball rolling

I wanted to post a few pre-renovation photos.

The kitchen is definitely getting an overhaul and the little half wall dividing the kitchen from the dining area is going, as well as the wall between the entry and the dining area.

Entryway (right) and Dining Room (left)

Entryway (right) and Dining Room (left)

Dining Room and Kitchen Entryway

Dining Room and Kitchen Entryway





We’re still a little unsure about whether we’ll redo the main bathroom.  It could definitely use a facelift but it is in perfectly good working order so it is not necessarily the most eco and budget friendly thing to do…

Master Bathroom

Augie posing in the master bathroom

We’re still in the process of reviewing quotes and getting pricing on tile and materials.  Also, Raj and I haven’t been able to decide on kitchen cabinetry finishes – a major holdup, obviously.  We love a contemporary look without being too modern… and given the lack of natural light in our kitchen do we need to go with lighter cabinets??  I can’t wait to get rid of the blonde wood in there and love dark chocolates… I also like the idea of white if I weren’t so afraid it would look like super cheap laminate.   We’ll be spending plenty of time researching options and looking at magazines and online over the next few days!


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