Online Art Sources for Everyone

While most of us appreciate an opportunity to view art – whether in galleries, museums, our “collector” friends’ homes, etc., we are intimidated into thinking we can’t have any “real” art in our own homes.  Not true!  There are plenty of new artists out there and a whole new adventure to be had in finding pieces that resonate with you.

A few sources that I really like:

20×200 This online shop has the organized, stress-free ordering process I love about Chipotle.  They have a fantastic selection with two new pieces added each week.  Prints of each work are offered in five sizes and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the artist.  You can also inquire about the original pieces, which may be available.

Etsy! What a great source for prints and original art of all styles and formats. A few interesting contemporary artists currently featured on Etsy are Burnton:

Urban Shed:

and Kris Haas:

There are also multiple online database-like sources for searching for artists.  One that I like the best is Artspan, which allows you search and access individual artist’s websites.   The individual websites are a great way to learn more about each artist and view the larger body of their work as you research.

Of course, nothing replaces the insight you will obtain from visiting local art galleries and events in your area.  Try taking the time to attend openings where you can often meet the actual artists so you can learn about the process, their work, etc., which will help you hone in on what you would like to have in your home.


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