Attentive to Style – A Studio Apartment that Celebrates Detail

It’s examples such as this one, featured in September’s issue of Metropolitan Home, that remind you that it’s the details that matter.  The design firm of White Webb has designed a space that gingerly and thoughtfully layers on the details in such a way that brings definition to the living spaces in this 600 square foot studio apartment.

These beautiful textures layer impeccably:


I love the overall color palette of the space, which is bright without being overwhelming.  While the sofa fabric is not to my own personal taste, I love the wall panels and the Ghost side table.  This is also a good example of how a little bit of dark goes a long way in a space like this – the darker furniture pieces appear prominently in this vignette.  Perhaps partly due to the juxtaposition to the almost beachy feel of the sofa.



My favorite image and I think a very successful space – incorporating a range of tones and textures to enable a comfortable sleeping area to exist in a bright, studio dwelling.



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