White Webb Design

Yesterday’s studio apartment was designed by White Webb, based in New York.   I wanted to check out a bit more of their work and an online review of their portfolio displayed several interesting projects.

This is probably my favorite image of theirs – minimalist in style with texture in the ceiling, good color contrast, and an overall open feeling:

White Webb Minimalist Entryway

White Webb Minimalist Entryway

Here we can see their use of the color similar to that used in yesterday’s piece.  I know many people consider orange a bit overexposed but I think it can still be a successful accent color – and clearly this is not a basic orange they are using, making it feel fresh and unique:

White Webb Design

White Webb Design

White Webb California Penthouse

White Webb California Penthouse

Finally, I thought this office was a successful layout and love the accent pieces on the wall.

White Webb Office

White Webb Office

What do you think of White Webb’s work?


2 responses to “White Webb Design

  1. “What do you think of White Webb’s work?”

    From the four photograph views on this site, it is apparent that White Webb had definite purpose to those areas. The rooms and hallway are exactly what they need to be. I like the muting of the color orange (fire). It perfectly reduces the the white and black. I want to continue down the hallway and see what is next to discover.

    • Thanks Susan! I wish there were more images to view so we could see what else White Webb put together in this space! I agree with the muted orange color balancing off the black/white. I’ll keep an eye out for more of their work!

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