Little Details? Choosing the Kitchen Sink

I realize that choosing the right kitchen sink is important.  After living with a shallow model with a faucet that practically sticks out horizontally overtop of the basin – making it tricky to fill pots and pitchers – I dream of having a deep, sleek bowl.  Maybe even with a detachable spout to help rinse dishes?!?!  Anyway, as I shop around I found this post on which covers the points to consider when buying a sink.

I found it helpful and thought you would too.   Check out the full article here.  To briefly summarize their points:

#1 The models vary greatly in terms of style, features, and how they are mounted (insert, under-mounted, flush-mounted or top-mounted).

#2 Quality if a big factor, as is the material you choose (stainless steel, enamel, etc.)

#3 Size and style options are important considerations.

#4 Carefully choose a faucet that will work within your kitchen and countertops (especially if you have any pre-drilled holes).

$5 Choose a color and style that coordinate with your kitchen.

Eme Love Sink

Eme Love Sink


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