No more stress over paint colors!

I am very excited to announce the debut of the new line of Perfect Palettes from Gibson Design Group.  Really, the palettes couldn’t be more ingenious – as soon as I heard about it from Alexandra Gibson I was on board and ready to purchase a palette for myself!

The idea is simple:

The talented and experienced team at Gibson Design Group has chosen eight proven, fool-proof palettes of paint colors and wallcoverings.   Each of the options are carefully chosen to evoke a unique look, whether you feel at home in the chic, sophisticated hues of Central Park or are drawn to the rustic, natural tones of Lake Tahoe.

Kalorama Paint Palette from Gibson Design Group

Kalorama Paint Palette from Gibson Design Group

You will receive a digital version of the palette of your choice as well as a hard-copy by mail.  Both will give you all of the information you need to order the paint and wallcoverings.  The version you receive by mail will include the actual paint and wallcovering swatches so that you can see them in your home.  You can also opt to receive sample cans of paint for all of the colors in your chosen palette for a very reasonable price.  Also available is expert assistance from the team at Gibson Design who will consult with you to determine color and wallcovering placement in your space.

So be done with the stress of the difficulty in choosing paint colors make your home look like you hired an innovative interior designer.   Simply choose a Perfect Palette from Gibson Design and finish your space in a beautifully polished and cohesive way.

Central Park Paint Palette

Central Park Paint Palette


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