Exposed Plumbing – A Good Thing?

Seeing this recent post on the real estate blog, Curbed, made me reconsider my normal peace with exposed plumbing in loft-style spaces.  You can see that this San Francisco penthouse condo (currently owned by Twitter founder Evan Williams – side note: “Evan Williams” is also the name of the economically priced Kentucky Bourbon my older brother tends to favor) is not lacking whatsoever in natural light, high ceilings and a generally open feel.  An apartment to covet on nearly every level.  However, something about the pipes is irksome.  I think it’s their size – just larger than the size of, say, a closet rod, makes me want to use them as extra places to hang my clothes.  If they were slightly larger they might have a more architectural feel.   However, I do appreciate the attempts to make them fall into the background with the same color paint as the surrounding walls.

curbed 4



I noticed that someone commented on the pipes as well so I might not be completely alone in my feelings – check out the full article here.  How would you handle having these pipes exposed in your space?


2 responses to “Exposed Plumbing – A Good Thing?

  1. I quite agree about the exposed pipes. Either do it big, or don’t do it at all. The contemporary style interior does not go well with this look. What they wanted was sleek and minimal. The pipes should be hidden in sheetrock coping painted white. Thanks for the article. I love seeing loft spaces of any sort…any time!

    • I like your idea of covering the pipes in sheetrock and think it would give it a completely different look. It’s an interesting call as although they are small pipes the resulting soffits would affect the overall look greatly. I’m guessing moving the pipes would not be a good option.

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