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Modern Design in DC

Are you a fan of mid-century modern?  If you’re familiar with real estate in the DC area (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia) you know that traditional is the predominant style of architecture here.  That’s why I appreciate Modern Capital so much – they provide news and information on the communities and homes in the area that can be classified as “mid-century modern”.  To me, this translates into open floor plans, unfussy lines, larger windows and higher ceilings.  Some very lovely things, don’t you think?


A friend of mine turned me onto the site when she learned we were combing the market for a more contemporary home.  (Trust me, the market is dominated by traditional properties!)  Anyway, as you may know we’ve postponed our search at least until the spring but I will be better armed and abreast of the market with access to Modern Capital.

Here are a few images from a cool post last week covering a beautiful modern home in Richmond.  Thanks Michael @ Modern Capital for the great pics and video tour!

Rice House 9-26-09 097

Rice House 9-26-09 106

Rice House 9-26-09 173

Does your city have sources of information on modern or specific styles of real estate?