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Modern Design in DC

Are you a fan of mid-century modern?  If you’re familiar with real estate in the DC area (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia) you know that traditional is the predominant style of architecture here.  That’s why I appreciate Modern Capital so much – they provide news and information on the communities and homes in the area that can be classified as “mid-century modern”.  To me, this translates into open floor plans, unfussy lines, larger windows and higher ceilings.  Some very lovely things, don’t you think?


A friend of mine turned me onto the site when she learned we were combing the market for a more contemporary home.  (Trust me, the market is dominated by traditional properties!)  Anyway, as you may know we’ve postponed our search at least until the spring but I will be better armed and abreast of the market with access to Modern Capital.

Here are a few images from a cool post last week covering a beautiful modern home in Richmond.  Thanks Michael @ Modern Capital for the great pics and video tour!

Rice House 9-26-09 097

Rice House 9-26-09 106

Rice House 9-26-09 173

Does your city have sources of information on modern or specific styles of real estate?


Sightseeing and [House] Shopping in DC

I’ve taken a little, unintended break since my last post… alot has been going on including with my website and my various other projects that are revolving and evolving around me.  My hubby and I are still deliberating over whether to move to a more spacious place or renovate our condo.

We also enjoyed a relaxing Memorial weekend with out-of-town friends, touring the National Mall (and my favorite – the FDR Memorial!), and visiting the Newseum.  I would highly recommend the Newseum – it’s a fascinating tribute to the art and necessity of news-making, as well as an incredible tour of history through media over the ages.  For some equally incredible inspiration, visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial on the Tidal Basin.  To me, it’s short quotes from FDR during his 4 terms in office speak loudly of the values that Americans live by.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

So, back to the grindstone…including house shopping.  My one wish is that people stop and think before they install any type of laminate flooring – ESPECIALLY wood laminate.  I’ve seen it in more than a few places since the start of our search, particularly in basements.  Folks, keep your bare cement if necessary or even paint it if you can’t afford the expense of any alternatives besides laminate.  Nothing makes these flooring options ok.  They look cheap and are the equivalent of buying $1.99 jelly shoes.

Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes